Our idea is simple, help people create a feeling of wellness and comfort at home, for themselves and their families.


By connecting existing communities with technology, we can spend less time worrying about our homes and loved ones, and more time enjoying time spent together. The Minut smart home alarm makes home security smarter, more accessible but less intrusive. Traditional home alarms require multiple sensors, cameras, key codes, complicated installation and long commitments.


Minut is an all-in-one connected device that monitors multiple factors in your home, including motion, noise, humidity, pressure and mould risk.


If any threats are detected an instant notification is sent to you, and your selected network of friends and family in case you’re not able to respond. Easy to self-install, and take with you when you move house, it combines cutting-edge technology with beautiful design and everyday practicality at a fraction of the cost of other home security offerings.


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