GangHut is the first marketing agency to specialise in peer-to-peer marketplaces – and the first to be a member of the UK trade body Sharing Economy UK. From homesharing to gig economy and other types of marketplace platform – as well as the tech providers who support them – we understand this thriving new ecosystem.

Reaching and resonating with a two-sided marketplace requires new engagement tactics; traditional marketing practices no longer apply. And such a dynamic industry needs a media partner who understands how this two-sided engagement works in the real world. GangHut is just such a partner. But we don’t offer a full range of traditional media agency services, just those our experience has shown us are most relevant to this ecosystem.

We understand the dual nature of a two-sided marketplace, and that communication engagement needs to be strategically managed. And we get that trust underpins all peer-to-peer transactions, which is why we partner with members of the ecosystem that has evolved to enable the platform economy’s growth. We regularly work with insurtech, proptech and trusttech businesses, bringing our knowledge and network into the hut to share with clients and industry bodies. When you join our gang, you’ll join our network.


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