Our Woman’s Power Hour profiles and celebrates women who are storming the short stay industry and this edition is showcasing Silvia Jasenecova from Brickstate Properties a London based independent property investment and management company


How did you get into the short-term rentals industry?

I have a background in hospitality and the property industry. I saw great opportunities in the growing short-let market, so I combined my expertise and experiences and together with my business partner we decided to explore this area of property investing a bit further.


How did you come to found your company and what were the biggest challenges you faced when setting it up?

I was already working for a property investment company when I started thinking of opening my own company. I was facing and still am facing many challenges. The biggest challenges for me at the very beginning were lack of time and lack of funds. I had to sacrifice a lot.


How do you intend to face the challenges within the industry as a company?

Resilience. There are many laws and regulations in the property industry that are always creating new challenges. We however always try to keep on top of them and look for new ways to grow.  We look for what the market needs and then we try to deliver it.


What is your advice for the next generation of leaders and change-makers?

Find a problem and solve it! Every business that exist, exists because someone has a problem which they need to solve. Bring real value.


How do you keep self-motivated?

There are only two ways of motivation. 1. Escaping from pain, 2. Chasing the dream. I have a mix of both and I am very aware of them. On top of that I read a lot of books about the industry, self-help, psychology etc.


Biggest lesson you have learnt about yourself?

I do whatever it takes to get what I want


Best piece of advice you were given?

You can’t tackle all the problems at the same time. You have to do it one by one.


Who is the individual you admire the most?

My business partner. He is a great man, who taught me a lot and from whom I still have a lot to learn. In business and life.


Holiday destination of choice?

The whole world! Literally, I love travelling and I wish to visit as many countries as possible in my life. I like summer destinations, but you won’t see me lying on the beach much. I prefer to go hiking in mountains than to sit on the beach 🙂


Your Favourite city in the world?

London it is I guess. My new home now 🙂


How do you celebrate your achievements?

I don’t really have a reward system for myself. The achievement of my goal is my reward 🙂


If you could run any company in the world what would it be and why?

It would definitely be something with education. I would completely transform the educational system in schools and teach people what’s important. (Nothing against you Pythagoras we all used your theorem… in school exams…ehm..)


Favourite podcast?

I don’t really listen to podcasts much. I am old school I like reading. Or I listen to audiobooks.


What book would you recommend?

Anthony Robbins – Awaken the Giant Within! It is the best book I have read in my life and it has so much wisdom in it. It has become my bible of life!


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